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1Exactly where is the start?
Leg 1 will start on Swansea Waterfront, just outside the Marriott Hotel. The Marriott is also the venue for the participants briefing on June 30th.
2How long will the event take to complete?
A tough question to answer, but based on 2016 times:
Fastest participants - 14hrs, 48 minutes (World Class athletes)
Final Finishers - 22hrs, 48 minutes
DNF rate, impressively low - just 11%. This is due to the participants being extremely well prepared and not underestimating the challenge.
3How does the Pairs Relay work?
Each team member will need to complete a minimum of 3 legs, but it will be up to each pair to decide how they want to tackle the course.

One cyclist & one runner.
Person 1 tackles legs 1-3, person 2 tackles 4-7.
4Why is a supporter required?
For safety reasons primarily, to ensure every rider has someone who can help them at any point of the route if required.
Also, because of the large time variations expected between riders the only way to provide support is for every individual or team to have their own support crew.
5Can a supporter be shared between participants?
Each participant or team must have their own support crew.
We can make exceptions for friends who plan on tackling the route together. Participants must then stay together throughout.
6Can I have more than 1 supporter?
Yes, but only one vehicle will be allowed per support crew, due to parking restrictions.
7How will the GPS tracking work?
Every individual, or the active pair member will carry a small GPS transponder. This will automatically track and update the location to the website where all participants can be followed.
8How will the timing work?
Using "dibber" chip timing with a total of 10 checkpoints will be in place throughout the route where participants can check-in.
This will give accurate and reliable results, with split times for every leg and splits within them.
9Will there be time cut-offs?
Yes. As each timing location needs to be manned, we will have cut-offs in place for each leg.
We are hoping that most participants will complete the route within 24hrs and time cut-offs will work backwards to allow this.
10Will the route be marked?
No. There will not be any route markings at all. Participants will need to navigate using the GPX files provided.

We recommend a device such as the Garmin 800/810 for road navigation and Garmin Fenix 3 for off-road, if you are unfamiliar with the mountains.
11I've entered, but can't make it. Can I get a refund?
Cancellations by the entered person is non-refundable.
Entry transfers are available up until 14 days before the event.
Full terms and conditions are available here